Member consultation going out on Common International Standards for Community Development Practice

Following adoption of the IACD global definition of community development at the 2016 AGM, the IACD Training and Professional Development Committee established a joint project team in partnership with the Community Learning and Development Standards Council Scotland. This project team has now produced a Draft Guidance document that the Training Committee is putting out for member consultation.

Full IACD members will receive the full document this week. You can however find the document here IACD 2017 Draft Standards Guidance

The Training Committee wishes to have members’ feedback on the Draft Guidance over the next three months. Is this Guidance helpful for explaining your practice? Could it be used to inform community development posts job descriptions? Could it be used as a framework for the design of professional community development training?

The report is print ready should you wish to print it off to share with colleagues. We would ask that IACD members share and disseminate the document widely across your networks and encourage group debate with your professional colleagues and indeed with the communities with which you may be working. We are very keen to encourage wide discussion amongst those engaged in community development across the world.
In reading and commenting on the document, you may wish to consider the following questions to stimulate discussion (but please don’t be constrained by them):
How well do the standards fit with and reflect your work?
What if anything is missing in relation to aspects of practice?
How might you use the standards to support your own practice development?
What would help you use them in your work?
How might the standards inform the professional training of community development students e.g in terms of course design and content?
How might the standards inform the continuing professional development of community development practitioners, as we define them in the document, to prepare them for the changing challenges in your country?
We very much look forward to hearing back from you. Please send your comments marked Community Development Standards to Charlie McConnell at


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