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    IACD is a global network of community development associations, practitioners and activists who are committed to issues of social justice. IACD has over 3,000 members and subscribers worldwide. Learn more about us.

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    IACD facilitates learning and practice exchange both virtually and face to face. Learn about our activities, such as events, study visits, publications and members' blog in our main menu. 

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    IACD has consultative status with the United Nations and the International Labour Organisation and works closely with other international and regional bodies. We advocate for community development values, principles and approaches, giving our members a voice at the global level. Learn more here.

The International Association for Community Development (IACD) is the only global network for professional community development practitioners. We support development agencies and practitioners to build the capacity of communities, to realise greater social and economic equality, environmental  protection and political democracy. We are a non-governmental organisation accredited with the UN. 
There are many ways that you can become involved in IACD. If you are a development agency manager, funder, fieldwork practitioner, student or volunteer community activist, IACD can help you through our international practice exchanges, events and publications. If you have a passion for effective community development, then please make contact with us – we welcome your participation! Join today and become a part of this dynamic network!




News and Events

  • “Community is the answer” will take place in Wellington, New Zealand on the 21st of November and is a local extension of the international community development conference held in Glasgow in June. For more details, and to register for this seminar, view the PDF below.

  • IACD Board member, Randy Adams and member, Esther Farmer, joined representatives of non governmental organisations from around the world at the United Nations Headquarters in New York from the 27th-29th of August where they discussed the post-2015 development agenda to follow-on from the Millennium Development Goals.

    It is our hope that community-led approaches will be included in the next stage of the agenda which include Sustainable Development Goals. Please find attached the Declaration that came out of the recent conference (click on Read more below). We will keep you posted of any further developments!

  • Finding our voice is a story about people power. It is about the people who work as community organisers, educators and development workers to empower people, of all ages and in all countries, to take action around issues of concern. It is about the power of people and development agencies coming together to tackle inequality, to educate for democracy, to campaign for land reform, to promote corporate social responsibility, to build resilience against climate change and to protect the environment.

    The author, Charlie McConnell, is the President of the International Association for Community Development and was one of the architects of the community learning and development profession in Britain. He was the chief executive of Scotland’s national community education agency, director of Schumacher College, European affairs director of the Community Development Foundation, chief executive of the Carnegie UK Trust and the chair of the UK’s national training standards agency for community learning and development. He retired in 2012. This is Charlie’s personal story of working in this field over four decades since his first ‘sit in’ in 1968.

  • Nearly 500 delegates from 32 countries came together in Glasgow this June, to consider "what is our common wealth?" and to celebrate community-led action around the globe. Over three and a half days, a lively crowd of community members, activists, practitioners, researchers and policymakers explored how community development approaches catalyse and sustain change.

  • It is with great honour that I take over as President of IACD from Ingrid Burkett. Ingrid was an inspiring and hard working advocate for our association for several years. The culmination of Ingrid's leadership was our highly successful international Community is the answer conference held in Glasgow, Scotland in June (materials and learning from the conference will be appearing soon).

    I have been a member of IACD since the 1970s, first joining its Board 25 years ago and being responsible for the transfer of its HQ from Belgium to Scotland in 1998. I stood down from the Board ten years ago because of work commitments, first running a Foundation and then an international college. So it was with huge pleasure that on retirement last year I was able to rejoin the Board and have now been elected its President.

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