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    IACD invites you to join us for our next Practice Exchange in India. Our theme is 'Sustainable Communities: integrating social, economic, environmental and cultural aspects of community-led development'.

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Community development is a practice-based profession and an academic discipline that promotes participative democracy, sustainable development, rights, economic opportunity, equality, and social justice, through the organisation, education, and empowerment of people within their communities, whether these be of locality, identity, or interest, in urban and rural settings.

The International Association for Community Development (IACD) is the only global network for professional community development practitioners. We are accredited with the UN. We have members across the world. If you are a development agency manager, funder, fieldwork practitioner, academic, student, or volunteer community activist IACD can help you through our international practice exchanges, events and publications. Join today and become a part of this dynamic global network!




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    Over 60 IACD Nigeria members attended this conference. Topics covered included:
 Education and Community Development
 Peace, Conflict and Disaster Management
 Health Sector, Welfare and Youth Development
 Policy Frameworks, Community Change and Faith Based Issues
 Community Participation and Voluntary Sector
 Innovations, Communications and Extension Support Issues

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  • The IACD/ACDA teaching and learning resource bank is now live. 

    Free for all full IACD members and members of ACDA and CDS.

    Aotearoa Community Development Association - ACDA


    The GCDEx, an online repository for Community Development resources is now open to the public! To have a look, or to join and contribute to the exchange head to:


  • Dear IACD Member/subscriber,

    Welcome to the IACD August/September newsletter.

    paul 3

    Paul Lachapelle, President
    First, let me say a sincere “thank you” to the Board and membership for the trust you have instilled in me to serve as the President of the IACD; I am truly humbled to be your servant leader.
    Like many of you, I believe the IACD should serve as a driving force to raise awareness across the community development profession in the period ahead about the relevance of the Sustainable Development Goals in our work – to truly advance the notion that without community development there is no sustainable development.  As such, we are attempting to make this a central issue at our upcoming conferences, Practice Exchanges, and through related outreach resources.  I have three goals during my term as President: 

    Join us! Community Development Conference 2017
    Community Development Conference: Sustainably yours, 
    In 2015 member states of the UN adopted Agenda 2030 including the 17 Goals for Sustainable Development bringing together goals for social environmental and economic aspiration within a sustainability model. Delivery is to be effected by collaborations between state, private sector and civil society. The conference will address the challenge of Agenda 2030 to Community Development practitioners, agencies and academics.
    Community Development and a sustainable, just future!
    Unitec Institute of Technology
    139 Carrington Raod, Mount Albert 1025
    Auckland, New Zealand
    5-7 Ratanui Street, Henderson 0612
    Auckland, New Zealand
    15-17 February, 2017. 9am-4.30pm each day.
    We are very excited about the interest the conference has been receiving here and around the globe!
    Call for papers are open!
    Do you or someone you know want to contribute to the conference? There are a number of ways to do this including Oral presentations, Practice workshops, Poster presentations and in the Conference Film Festival.

    Registrations are open!

    Early bird discounts apply to those who register before the 30th November 2016. There are also discounts available for students and members of a registered charity.
    Register now!
    Now that you have heard about us, please take a moment to be a part of the conference publicity team and send this email on to your friends and colleagues!
    Kind regards,
    The conference team
    Aotearoa Community Development Association
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  • The IACD office has now re-opened at our new location in Glasgow City Centre. 

    Our new address is:

    The International Association for Community Development 
    c/o The Scottish Community Development Centre
    Suite 305, Baltic Chambers, 
    Wellington St, 
    Glasgow G2 6HJ

    Opening hours:

    Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm

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