Last year, the IACD Board decided to create an additional sub region for Asia – South East Asia. The other regions covering countries in Asia are East Asia and South Asia. The Middle East (Asia Minor) is linked with North Africa and Russian Asia is linked with the Europe Region.

The February issue of the Community Development Journal, co-edited by Kwok-kin Fung, IACD Board member and Gary Craig, Past IACD President, has articles on community development in South East Asia. Please see

One concept: many practices The diverse understandings of Community Development in East and South-East Asia.

Articles include:

Members may be interested in the following CD related events taking place across the South East Asia region.

Indonesia Agile Indonesia Conference

12-13 July 2017


Cambodia International Centre of Excellence in Humanities, Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies

13-14 July 2017


Japan Asian Conference on Urban Planning and Sustainable Cities

1-3 August 2017


Malaysia International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Energy

22-24 August


Indonesia Asia Pacific Research in Social Sciences and Humanities


Malaysia International Conference on Sustainable Urban Design and Livable Cities

10 October 2017