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Are you interested in sharing your work with an international readership of community developers?

We are currently gathering together articles the next issue of Practice Insights magazine. This will be a general issue. If you would like to be considered for publication, please send your article, together with related high res photos/images (max 1500 words) no later than 1st March, 2016 to Charlie McConnell, at 

Articles can be case studies, research findings, news on policy developments, publication reviews, polemics or reports coming out of events related to community development in different parts of the world.

Practice Insights 6

Practice Insights 6 is a Special Issue looking at the contribution that community development can make towards addressing the 17 SDGs. It includes reports from our recent international conferences in America and Europe; an article by a Vice President of the World Bank; case studies from countries around the world;  and IACD's Policy Position on CD and the SDGs.


IACD SDGs and CD PowerPoint

IACD has produced a simple power point that highlights what community development projects are already doing to address the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals around the world. Feel free to use this presentation to let partners in your country know that 'without community development there is no sustainable development'.
Our thanks to John Stansfield, IACD Oceania Director for producing this.

Practice Insights 5

Practice Insights 5 includes articles on the work of the European Community Development Network since 1989; Accessibility: the social change movement of the 21st Century; Women, leadership and power; equalities, social justice and community development; a feature article on The IACD 2016 Practice Exchanges in India and Nepal; the work of the United States National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals; and on Community economic development in Hong Kong. 

Practice Insights Issue 4: Community is the answer

This special edition of Practice Insights (click to open in a new window) looks back at the ‘Community is the answer’ conference – an international event jointly organised by IACD and CLD Standards Council for Scotland in June 2014. 

This issue summarises key points, reflections and questions which were raised by the speakers, workshop presenters and delegates over the course of the four days we spent together in Glasgow. Many of the presentations and supporting papers which formed the basis of this edition of Practice Insights can be accessed freely on the Community is the answer conference website.

While the significance of the personal connections forged during the event is difficult to convey, we hope this publication gives a sense of what was shared, and the photographs may give a feeling for the comradeship which evolved.

If you are interested in contributing to future editions of 'Practice Insights' please contact Anna Chworow.

Practice Insights Issue 3: Community Resilience

Published Winter 2014

The third issue of ‘Practice Insights’ explores the theme of community resilience. What are the benefits of community resilience, and how to foster it? What is the role of community resilience in face of disaster, and in everyday life? We discuss this, and much more, in the Winter edition.

If you are interested in contributing to future editions of 'Practice Insights' please contact Anna Chworow (