Policy and Advocacy

Engaging with and trying to influence the global public policy agenda is a central role of IACD and holding our own position statements is an integral part of that work. The IACD Policy Committee consults members on the development of a policy position and the IACD International Committee advocates for our policy positions in international arenas such as the U.N. and other international bodies like the World Bank.

Community development ideas have now been widely adopted by the UN and its agencies.  The U.N. Sustainable Development Goals adopted by U.N. member countries in 2015  recognise the critical importance of community capacity building. Through our work at various INGO consultations, IACD, along with other NGOs supportive of community development, had some influence on this agenda.

Our Policy and Advocacy work also periodically takes place at a global Regional level such as the European Union. During the period when the EU was expanding its membership in central Europe and in latter years, over the issue of refugees from North Africa and the Middle East, IACD has sought to represent the community development voice.

2016/17 brings enormous geo-political change with a shift to the political Right in many countries, a reassertion of nationalism and xenophobia. Wherever we see policies emerging that are counter to the association’s commitment to human rights, equality and social justice, participative democracy and sustainable development, we shall speak out.

The current chair of our International Committee, Anastasia Crickley, is also Chairperson of the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Our Policy Committee chair, Tony Kimbowa, works for the U.N.  On the current IACD Board are members with considerable expertise at a senior level of working at an international and/or global regional level.

IACD members are warmly invited to submit themselves for membership of the International and Policy Committees when vacancies arise. Please contact IACD President, Paul Lachapelle, if you are interested. info@iacdglobal.org