IACD is governed by an international Board of Directors of up to 14 elected members and up to 6 additional co-opted members. Board members are elected at the annual general meeting, or can be co-opted by the Board if it feels it requires additional expertise. Any IACD member may stand for the Board. Board terms are for three years and may be extended a further two three year terms. If Board members are unable to play an active role and fail to attend three Board meetings, they will be asked to stand down to enable another member to take on the role.

Directors represent one of eight global regions:

  • Europe, including the Russian Federation
  • South Asia
  • East Asia
  • South East Asia
  • Middle East and North Africa
  • Sub Saharan Africa
  • Oceania
  • South America
  • North America

The President, Vice President(s) and Treasurer are elected from within the Board. The President and Vice Presidents are elected for a three year term, which may be renewed for a second term.

The Board has a number of standing committees and may periodically establish short life working groups. The current committees are:

  • Executive, Finance and Human Resources
  • Training and Professional Development
  • Policy
  • Publications
  • Communications
  • International and National Networks Relations
  • International Conference.

We should not underestimate that joining the Board of IACD requires quite a time commitment. As well as being a Board member, you are likely to be a Regional Director responsible for promoting membership across your region. You will also be required to join two of the Committees above. All Board members are volunteers and there is no payment for this work. If funds allow we may be able to assist Board members to attend one of the IACD international conferences. That all said, IACD has a stimulating Board, with all highly committed to building the association and representing the field at an international level.

If you are interested in serving on the IACD Board or to be considered for co-option to one of its committees, you must be a fully paid up member of the association. Nomination forms must be submitted at least six weeks before an AGM and we shall post a notice about this date on the website and Facebook Page indicating whether there is a vacancy. The existing Board will consider all nominations in accordance with our equal opportunities and diversity policy. 

When IACD was re-constituted and the Secretariat moved to Scotland, it was registered as a Scottish charity (number SC036090).  The bulk of the development and representational work of the association is carried out by its volunteer Board and committees. We do however have a small Secretariat (currently a part time Administrator). We also periodically hosts consultants, interns and student placements at our head office in Glasgow, Scotland or potentially to work alongside one of our Regional Directors.

If you are interested in an internship or student placement, please send a brief CV to info@iacdglobal.org indicating what you are looking for and whether this is at the head office or one of our Regions. If we are able to take you we will. IACD can give no payment for internships or student placements.

IACD holds an Annual General Meeting usually coinciding with an international conference. Our 2017 international conference is taking place eight months after our 2016 AGM, so the date of the 2017 AGM will be announced soon. At this, we consider Nominations to the Board, present an annual report together with the financial statements of the organisation that are reviewed by an independent auditor, and the Board agrees the work programme for the year ahead.

You can download our governing documents below.

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memorandum_of_association_amended_260812_final.pdf 82.61 KB
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