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Types of participation

The conference programme will be a mix of keynotes, seminars/workshops, presentations, arts-based submissions and field visits.



These are about sharing interesting practice and should be designed to encourage delegates to reflect on their own experience and learning. They will for the most part take place in flat-floored rooms with flexible seating. We envisage that workshop leaders will be allocated a slot of either 45 minutes or 1.5 hours.



Presentations are about exploring theory / research and how it relates to practice. They should be designed to encourage participation as well as reflective learning. Presentations may be part of a shared session and will take place in theatre-style or flat-floored rooms. Each room will have a laptop, projector, internet access and top table.


Arts-based sessions:

These will either be interactive sessions of flexible length or fixed displays of material. They will be a mix of film, photograph and drama-based sessions which illuminate, inspire and challenge us to think more deeply about community. They will take the form of a standalone presentation or exhibit or can be set in the context of an exploratory workshop.



Posters on display throughout the conference will showcase research, projects and practice from around the world.


Field visits:

These will be half-day sessions on the afternoon of Tuesday 10th June. They must be within 1 hour's travel from the University of Glasgow.

Field visits are about directly observing practice and meeting local communities to deepen understanding of the Scottish community development context. Field visits will take place in west and central Scotland; please note that there will be restrictions placed on visits by travel time.


Conference themes

Submission information