Vision and mission

IACD’s vision is to promote human rights, equality and social justice, participative democracy, and sustainable development through the promotion of good quality community development policies and practice

Our mission, as the recognised international professional association, is to support our members around the world and more widely the discipline of community development to work towards this vision.


Our priorities for 2016-2020:

1. To advocate for the discipline and the methods of community development.

2. To support and engage with members and the field by promoting and providing quality international practice exchanges, conferences, continuing professional development support, website resources, publications, research and policy analysis, and commentary.

3. To promote regional and country fora and support frameworks for community development practitioners (fieldworkers, managers, academics, and students) around the world.

4. To ensure the short, medium, and longer term sustainability of IACD.


IACD’s Strategic Plan

IACD’s new Strategic Plan for 2016-20 can be found both below and here: Strategic Plan 2016-2020. The previous Strategic Plan can be found here: Strategic Plan 2011-15.

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