Our Members

IACD has almost 400 organisational and individual members around the world. We are absolutely delighted that as a result of a membership promotion campaign this year, over 100 new members have joined or rejoined the association.

We also have c6000 subscribers to our ENewsletter and magazine, c4000 followers of our Facebook daily news posts and c2000 signed up to our Facebook IACD Members’ page.

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IACD’s Membership, Communications and Marketing committee is responsible for expanding the membership of the association and of ensuring that we are providing accessible and useful member services and products. Periodically the committee undertakes member consultation surveys and marketing recruitment campaigns. This year our focus was upon reaching out again to lapsed members and those who for some reason have decided not to renew their membership.  Over the coming year the committee will be focussing upon reaching out to organisations to become members, whether these be local authorities, universities, foundations and non-governmental organisations. In recent years our individual memberships have increased significantly, but our organisational membership has fallen. We believe that is a reflection of financial cuts to the budgets of such organisations.

IACD Member map

We are starting to populate a map of our members around the globe! The red pointers represent national CD networks and blue pointers represent individual members. (This map is indicative only and does not pinpoint every member). One priority over the coming years is to expand our presence in South America. This is work in progress!