Update on speakers for the World Community Development Conference in June 2018

Peter Westoby is an Associate Professor in Social Science-Community Development at Queensland University of Technology, Australia; a Visiting Professor at the University of Free State, South Africa; and a Director of Community Praxis – a non-profit cooperative based in Australia. Peter has over 28 years of experience in youth, community and organizational development work, based in South Africa, Australia, PNG, Vanuatu, Uganda and the Philippines.

His research focus has been on conceptual frameworks guiding community development practice. A few of his most recent books include: Westoby, P. (2016) Soul, Community & Social Change; Westoby, P. & Dowling, G. (2013). Theory and Practice of Dialogical Community Development: International Perspectives; and Westoby, P. & Shevellar, L. (eds.) (2012). Learning and Mobilising for Community Development: A Radical Tradition of Community-Based Education and Training.

Peter contributed an article about his latest book in a recent issue of Practice Insights magazine.

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