Spotlight on community development history – Uma Lele

As we celebrate our 65th anniversary year, we are going to put the spotlight on some of the key players who shaped our profession in those early days.

Uma Lele from India is a development economist, who from the early 1970s has been an influential researcher and policy adviser to the  the World Bank, universities and international organizations. Among her notable works are Food Grain Marketing in India: Private Performance and Public Policy (1973), The Design of Rural Development: Lessons from Africa (1976), Managing Agricultural Development in Africa (1991), Transitions in Development: From Aid to Capital Flows (1991), Intellectual Property Rights in Agriculture: The World Bank’s Role in Assisting Borrower and Member Countries (1999), and Managing a Global Resource: Challenges of Forest Conservation and Development (2002). As Senior Advisor in the World Bank’s Operations Evaluation Department she led evaluations of the World Bank’s Forest Strategy and its approach  to global programs.

She is Fellow of them American Agricultural and Applied Economic Association and of India’s National Academy of Agricultural Sciences and in 2014 the Indian Society of Agricultural Economics conferred a Fellowship for her lifetime contribution to the field of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development.

We are keen to hear from members about people who were influential in your countries in helping to shape the community development profession.