The five challenges ahead for Europe. The work of the European Community Development Network

In the next decade there are five key interrelated challenges that Europe must address energetically
and about which community development workers have something really important to say.

These are:
– first, the persistence of poverty, social exclusion and growing inequality and the need to build
more inclusive societies;
– second, the migration crisis and the need to ensure effective policies and programmes for
integration and empowerment for migrants and refugees;
– third, the growth of racism and xenophobia and the need to more effectively ensure equality for
all people and diverse groups in our societies and to recognise and celebrate difference and
– fourth, the democratic deficit at the heart of Europe where by those affected by issues feel they
have no say in the policies and programmes that affect them; and
– fifth, the environmental crisis and the need to connect environmental and social justice in
building a sustainable and fair future.

As well as continuing to promote exchange and learning between community development
practitioners and ensuring that a community development voice is heard on these key issues, the
European Community Development Network can do more. It can play a key role into the future in
helping to build a progressive movement for change that is built from the struggles for a better future at local level into national, European and international movements. EuCDN have a new brochure, setting out who they are, why community development is needed across Europe today, and how EuCDN can address the five challenges above. You can find the brochure here EuCDN brochure

You can find more EuCDN publications in the Resources section of this website.